John P. Hagen
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Chemistry 354 Physical Chemistry Lab


Course Description

Experimental studies of gases, solutions, thermochemistry, chemical and phase equilibria, electrochemistry, chemical and enzyme kinetics, computational methods and applications to chemistry and biochemistry. 2 laboratories. Prerequisite: CHEM 331; Corequisite: CHEM 352


Course Schedule

Check this schedule before coming to lab so that you will know which experiment we are doing.


Read the handout for your experiment before coming to lab.



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Lab Pal

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  Rubrics for the Group Experiments


Bomb Calorimetry

Successive Kinetics
  First Day Handouts


Integrated Writing Guide

Compression Artifacts

Ethics in Writing

Good Graph, Bad Graph

Symbolic Math in MATLAB

Determination of Uncertainty

Using MATLAB to Determine Uncertainty

graph tutorial

MATLAB Day Handouts

Functions in MATLAB

Curve Fitting in MATLAB

Custom Curve Fitting Data

More Curve Fitting in MATLAB

Alkane Boiling Points

Making Publication-Quality Figures in MATLAB

External Websites

Lab Pal

Calibrated Peer Review

The Elements of Style

MATLAB YouTube Tutorials