Photography - link to some of my projects* This has not been updated in quite a while.
Travel - Over the last ten years we have had the good fortune to visit Vietnam, China, Brazil(2001), Burma (Myanmar - 2001), Sweden(2005,2006), Italy(2005) France(2006), and most recently Spain(2007). Some pictures are linked here. (This is a work in progress.)
Home and Gardening - Never enough time - views of our garden circa 2000. In construction - construction - courtyard and kitchen remodel 2007.
Reading - Most recent - "The Shadow of the Wind", "The Grass is Singing", "Thunderstruck"
Music - light Jazz and Classical
Family - Beware! Grandmother onboard!
Work - Cal Poly and beyond
Extended Family - We have had many people live with us.

* Examples include the background image of this page, taken in Vietnam, and the buttons, ferns in our courtyard. The originals were altered in Photoshop.

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