My professional development here at Cal Poly centers on Chemistry Education. Thus far that's involved teaching chemistry to elementary, middle school and high school teachers in the Central Coast area and beyond. As such, I've been actively involved with the Central Coast Science Project (CCSP) since 1999. I started as a Co-Director, working under the guidance of Director Dr. Lola Berber Jimenez. Starting last Fall, I've taken over as Director. For more information on the CCSP, go here.
The Central Coast Science Project, operating out of the Cal Poly Chemistry & Biochemistry Department, is one of several California Science Projects. To quote from the CSP website, "The California Science Project (CSP) is a university-based professional development network for teachers of science at ALL levels. This statewide network works toward the common goal of improving science education for all students in California. CSP sites exist across the state at campuses of the California State University, the University of California and independent colleges/universities. For the past 12 years, the CSP has been, and continues to be, a regional provider of services to schools and districts seeking to strengthen their science programs and science instruction consistent with the California Science Framework and the California Science Content Standards. The CSP regional sites continue to grow across the state of California. " For more information on the CSP, go to their website here.
For information on the Summer 2005 Workshop offered by CCSP July 2005, go here.
For information on the Summer 2006 Workshop offered by CCSP June 2206, go here.