I'm a movie junkie, and I know more trivia than I care to admit regarding movies, movie stars and Hollywood. I haven't been to many movies lately, we rent alot these days, but below are my "Top Ten" favorites. I've also included my "Top Ten" Favorite Kids Movies -- I see as many of these as I do "grown-up" movies....

But first...Some General Movie Sites

Internet Movie Database

Mr. Cranky-- Movie Reviews by a guy who doesn't seem to like anything!

Rotten Tomatoes -- Movie reviews and more

Yahoo! Movies

My Top Ten Favorite Movies

BOY does this ever need updating -- Yikes!

It was REALLY hard to pick just ten...I still feel like I left some out, and I'm sure I'll end up editing this...

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
To Kill a Mockingbird
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Original Star Wars Trilogy
Good Will Hunting
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, Fellowship of the Ring & Return of the King
Field of Dreams


Top Ten Favorite "Kids" Movies -- these need to be updated, obviously!

Babe --I must admit, this was a favorite of mine long before my daughters came along...

Tarzan -one of Claire's favorite

Mary Poppins -another of Claire's favorites, a classic I actually never saw until we bought it for her

Wild Thornberrys

Monsters Inc.--John Goodman & Billy Crystal are GREAT

Goonies -Too old yet for Claire, but a long-time favorite of mine

Beauty & the Beast
101 Dalmatians