Chem 124: General Chemistry for the Engineering Disciplines






This is material that we are assuming you are already familiar with and anything from the first five chapters is "fair game". This means it can appear on exams or quizzes and you should know it and not need any clarification from me.

How do you review? Do problems, familiarize yourself with terminology, and look over some of the resources created by other instructors.

From Dr. Karl Bailey:

He has summarized the first five chapters of the Silberberg text (used up until Spring 2011) in to compact outlines. These should be pretty close to following the content in the Tro text. Each chapter is just a few pages long. These files are all *.pdf files, requiring Acrobat Reader to view these files. To download Acrobat Reader, Click here


From Dr. Grace Neff:

She has a nice summary checklist of the skills that you should review for the diagnostic. All of these topics can be found in the first five chapters of the Tro text. You can access the first five chapters of the Tro text even if you have the custom Cal Poly text which does not have those chapters printed in the text. To access the omitted chapters, use the "Mastering Chemistry" code that came with your text. Within that system, you have access to the ENTIRE Tro e-book (including the omitted chapters). To access the checklist, click here

She has also created two worksheets for review. The worksheets remind you of the steps involved and then provide some practice problems to try. The two worksheets review nomenclature and stoichiometry. Both of these worksheets are *.pdf files.


Most importantly, do problems!!!!!! This is the best way you can practice. Try some of the problems at the end of each chapter. Or try some of the sample problems and follow-up problems in the text. Try them first on your own, and then compare your work and answers. The sample problems and follow-up problems have the solutions worked out for you either right there or at the end of chapter allowing comparison.

Come see me if you need help with any problem or topic. I will be glad to help you and the sooner we get the kinks worked out, the easier the rest of the material will be for you.