Chem 124: General Chemistry for the Engineering Disciplines






Grading Policies

Assignment of Grades:

We will be following a traditional grading distribution. The grade breakdown is as follows:

Percentage Letter Grade
> 90% A
> 80% B
> 70% C
> 60% D
59 % or lower F

NOTE: These letter grades are guaranteed, possibly with a plus or minus. The grading scale may be revised to include broader, more generous ranges as the quarter progresses (i.e. If you earn 79% of the points during the quarter, you are guaranteed a C BUT might receive a C+, a B-, or a B). Please note that this class is NOT graded on a curve and these policies will determine final course grades.

Point Breakdowns:

Total Percentage
Exams (3)
12.5% each

Quizzes (4)

Lowest quiz score is dropped.

5% each

Diagnostic Quiz


Lab Reports for Experiments #1-8

~2.5% each

Assignments and Worksheets

Comprehensive Final Exam**

**The final exam score can be used to replace one EXAM score only if it helps the student (meaning the final exam can be worth a total of 32.5%). Note that the final exam score can replace only one exam score. It cannot replace a quiz grade, diagnositc quiz grade, lab grade, or an assignment grade. The final exam cannot be replaced.


There will be three 50-minute, in-class exams given on the dates specified on the class schedule. No make-up exams will be permitted unless you have permission from me before the day of the exam. Extenuating circumstances must be certified in writing and adjustments may be made on a case by case basis. The format of the exams will include objective (matching, multiple choice, etc.), short answer, calculations, and essay types of questions.


There will be four in-class quizzes, about 15-20 minutes each, given on the dates specified on the class schedule. There will be no make-up or early quizzes. Your lowest individual quiz score will be dropped before determining your final grade. If you are absent or must miss a quiz, that is the quiz that will be dropped. The format for the quizzes will be similar to that of the exams.

Final Exam:

The final is a comprehensive, ALL mulitple choice exam. It must be taken at the time scheduled. There are NO exceptions.

Please note that if you are a DRC student, you can make arrangements either with me or through the DRC office for your specific situation

Lab Reports/Assignments:

Chemistry is an experimental science and as a result a significant portion of the course content comes from participation in laboratory activities. These laboratory activies will provide you with an opportunity to perform chemistry experiments and to relate these observations and experiments to the fundamental principles of chemistry. In Chem 124, the lectures and laboratories are both integrated into the course as opposed to the separate lecture and laboratory environments you may have seen before.

As you do experiments, you will be asked to turn in your lab notebook copies and lab reports. Your lab work in this course will account for approximately 20% of your final grade. You should attend all class periods, especially those with laboratory activities, as make-up laboratories are NOT possible. NOTE: If you fail to perform two laboratries during the course, you will automatically receive an F in Chem 124, regardless of your score on the other portions of the course.

Lab reports are due in class the day listed on the course schedule. If you turn in a lab report within the next two class meetings after the due date, the report will be graded but it will be downgraded 25% (meaning the highest score you can receive is 75%, if it is perfect, just late). Any reports received two class periods after the due date will not be graded and you will receive a zero on the assignment.

Academic Dishonesty:

In this course, you are expected to work with your peers in the class on laboratory assignments and other worksheets; however, each individual must turn in their own work unless I ask for a group report. Cheating on any exam or any other individual or group work in this class will not be tolerated. The penalty for cheating is an F in the course and proper disciplinary action (see Student Handbook), which may include expulsion from the University.