Chem 124: General Chemistry for the Engineering Disciplines






Course Materials

The following four items are required for this course:

  • Textbook: Chemistry: A Molecular Approach, Second Edition, written by Nivaldo J. Tro, Prentice Hall (2011). El Corral Bookstore (on campus) is selling a customized version of the text and it should be cheapter than the full text elsewhere; however, it may be more difficult to sell the customized text anywhere but to another Cal Poly student.
  • A scientific calculator (required by Friday of the first week of classes). Programmable calculators may not be used for quizzes and exams. If you use a programmable calculator, I will assume that you have programmed it. This will result in a zero on the quiz or exam and could result in disciplinary action. Using preprogrammed information is considered cheating and will result in disciplinary action. NOTE: you may not borrow a calculator from your partner during testing. Calculators will not be provided. If you do not bring the non-programmable calculator, then you will have to take the quiz or exam without a calculator.
  • A lab notebook with carbonless copies. This notebook will be used to record data and perform calculations. It has page copies included which will be submitted to me each time experiments are preformed. Credit will be given for attendance and performance of scheduled as well as unscheduled experiments. There are several types of lab notebooks available in El Corral. Any with NCR copies are okay.
  • A Cal Poly email account. You must know your Cal Poly email account name and UNIX password so you can access Blackboard at Course information and individual grade information will be listed on Blackboard and some quizzes may be administered through Blackboard.

We will provide you with safety goggles which are sanitized and stored in an ultraviolet cabinet in the room. Should you wish to purchase your own googles, you can do so at El Corral Bookstore, but they must meet our requirements (see me). If we are doing a "wet" chem experiment or demonstration, you must wear them or you will be asked to leave.