Chem 124: General Chemistry for the Engineering Disciplines


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Tuesday, Thursday, 2:10 - 4:30 p.m.

Friday: 3:40 - 4:30 p.m.

Building 38, Room 121A/B

Course Schedule

This schedule is an EVOLVING document. It should be used as a guide to the topics we will be studying and the dates for quizzes and exams. As the quarter progresses, items will be added and existing entries will be modified. It is your responsibility to check the syllabus on a regular basis to see what additions and modifications have been made since the schedule will change frequently throughout the quarter.

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On Your Own
Lab Schedule
Exam and Quiz Schedule


1/2 - 1/6

M - Holiday - No class

T- Course Intro and Safety Guidelines

R/F - Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics

Course Web Page Exploration *.doc or *.pdf
(Due 1/5)

Excel Graphing Exercise Do Parts 1, 3, and 5 only (directions and data here)

Download this form, type your answers here using your graphs and data generated from Excel Exercise above, print and bring to class. Excel Exercise Report Form (Typed, Due 1/12)

Tips for Excel Graphs

Review Chapters 1-5

Start reading Chapter 6 (We will do sections 6.2, 6.3 on Thursday, and most likely 6.4 and 6.7 on Friday)

Skip PV-work p. 244-245 and skip 6.5

 T- EXP 1: Types of Reactions (Due 1/10)

EXP 1: Report Form (in case your in-class copy is too messy)

Some helpful links for the Reactions Lab:

Polyatomic Ions

Solubility Rules

Metal Activity Series

R - EXP 2: Gas Laws(Due in class 1/5)

 F- Diagnostic Quiz You need your EMPL ID for this


1/9 - 1/13

 Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics

Worksheet #1I will bring this one to class, but in the future you will need to print these out for yourselves.

Read Chapter 11 sections 6 and 7 only!

Finish reading chapter 6 (sections 6.6, 6.8, 6.9)

Start reading Chapter 17 (sections 2, 3, 4 and 6)

 R - EXP 3: Heat of Sublimation (Typed, Due 1/19)

EXP 3: Report Form (Typed, Due 1/19)

F - Quiz #1


1/16 - 1/20

Martin Luther King Picture

M - Holiday - Martin Luther King Day 

T - Classes follow Monday Schedule - go to your Monday classes (no class for us)

Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics

Worksheet #2 I am no longer printing these for class. All of this material is relevant for Exam 1.


1/23 - 1/27

 Nature of the Atom: Spectroscopy, Electrons, and Quantum Numbers

Worksheet #3 If you would like a copy of this, you need to print it now and bring it to class on Tuesday.

Tuesday's Examples We are going to work on these together in class on Tuesday. Print if you would like to avoid writing them out during class.

Go over Exam 1, FIX your mistakes! Get help on those you still don't understand.

For more reading on ΔG, read section 17.7

Read all of Chapter 7

 R - EXP 5: Atomic Spectra For the pre-lab, you may draw a picture to represent a LOT of the procedure.

EXP 5: Report Form (Typed, Due 2/2)

 none scheduled


1/30 - 2/3

 Nature of the Atom: Quantum Numbers

Periodic Properties

Finish reading Chapter 7, read all of Chapter 8

Worksheet #4 If you would like a copy of this, you need to print this out for yourself now. Bring to class for practice on Tuesday.

Tuesday's Examples Print these out and bring them to class so you don't have to copy the examples.

 R - Periodic Properties - In-class assignment (Due in class 2/2)

Periodic Properties Summary (Print this and bring to class. We will fill it in at the end of the assignment)


2/6 - 2/10

Periodic Properties

Bonding: Metallic, Ionic, and Covalent

Solid State Structures

Finish reading chapter 8

Start reading 9.2 and 9.6

Worksheet #5 You can do most of this now!

Make sure you understand the periodic properties (including the why!)

Read Chapter 11, Sections 11-13

 R - EXP 6: Solid State Sections 1-4 No pre-lab needed, but print out at least pages 1-3 of report form and BRING to class on Thursday! (Due 2/16)

EXP 6: Solid State Report Form

Solid State Quick Reference Form (print this if you would like to fill it in for your "notes" on this material)


2/13 - 2/17

F- Classes follow Monday Schedule - go to your Monday classes (no class for us)

Bonding: Metallic, Ionic, and Covalent

Solid State Structures



Go over Exam 2, FIX your mistakes! Get help on those you still don't understand.

Worksheet #6

Enthalpy Diagram for Born-Haber Cycle

Read 9.4

 T - EXP 6: Solid State Section 5 (Due 2/16) Print out the remaining pages of the report form above for lab on Tuesday to fill in during class.

none scheduled


2/20 - 2/24

Washington's Picture

M - No Class - Washington's Birthday 

Bonding Theories

VSEPR Theory, Molecular Shapes & Properties

Worksheet #7

Read 9.5, 9.7-9.10

Start reviewing for your Exam

Worksheet #8You can only do the Lewis structures now.

 T - EXP 7: Conductivity

EXP 7: Report Form (Typed, Due 2/28)


2/27 - 3/2

 VSEPR Theory, Molecular Shapes & Properties

Organic Compounds and Their Properties

Worksheet 8 (continued)

VSEPR Shapes Handout

Read Chapter 10, sections 1-5

Read Section 9.10

Review for your Exam!

 R - Organic Modeling Exercise (Due in class 3/1)

 F - EXAM 3

Study Guide for Exam 3

Equations and Constants are same as for Quiz #3


3/5- 3/9

Organic Compounds and Their Properties

new banerOrganic Pre-Lab To help you with your notebook prep. 

T- EXP 8: Part 1 Organic Analysis (Analysis of Pure Liquid) 

T - EXP 8: Part 2 Organic Analysis (Qualitative Analysis of 7-component mixture)

R - EXP 8: Part 3 Organic Analysis (Quantitative Analysis of Mixtures)

 F - Quiz #4

Final Exam - Thursday, March 15, 2012 4:10 - 6:10(ish) p.m.

new banerStudy Guide for Final Exam

new banerEquation Sheet for Final Exam

Help for Exam:

Tuesday: Office hours - 10 am - noon

Tuesday: Dr. Heying's Review Session 1 - 3 pm in our studio classroom (38-121)

Tuesday: Dr. Cichowski's Review Session 3 - 5 pm in our studio classroom (38-121)

Wednesday: Review Session - 10 am - noon in our studio classroom (38-121)

Thursday: Review Session - 10 am - noon in our studio classroom (38-121)

Friday: Office hours - 11 am - noon