For New Students

There are several ongoing areas of research in my lab. These break into three projects that have to do with cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) from the malarial parasite P. falciparum, and other projects that have to do with human CDKs their regulation and inhibiton. I am also working on optimization of some non-radioactive kinases assays in collaboration with Promega Bioscences. Please read my Research page and come see me to talk about the current progress and work in my lab. You can also see our work at the Student Reseach Conference that is held each spring in the College of Science and Math.

Current Project Students

Before starting work in my lab you should read the Lindert Lab Manual. It will get you started on the lab and department policies for research. Read this first!! It will tell you general lab policies, department policies and safety information.

Completing Your Project and Graduating:

All Senior Project students in my lab must follow the rules of style and content set out in the Lindert Lab Manual under the heading 'Senior Project Thesis' and follow the formatting guidelines set out by Chemistry and Biochemistry Department in a packet available in the department office. Your grade on this important document depends on whether you complete good, careful research and turn in a solid written document. The instructions above should help you prepare.