Pictures of Jena, Germany

My apartment - living room, kitchen, view from the porch

My work - Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
Greenhouses, building, 9 week Arabidopsis, Damaged Arabidopsis

Hiking in Jena -
Horse cart
Wild Orchids - Frauenschue (lady slippers), purple ones, curly one
View above Uhlstadt, trail above Uhlstadt
Bridge in Jena
Little castle in Stadtroda
Very cute Regional Bahn train
Hay in field
Ice cream after a hike
My favorite "wurst" place

Snow in Jena - picture of town, Lutherstrasse

Trips to Berlin - the wall, Me straddling the wall, Brandenburg gate,
skating on Unter der Linden

Oktoberfest - inside a beer hall

Christmas market in Erfurt - singers, Me outside a gingerbread store,
market and church

Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria (the Disneyland castle is based on this!)

Chocolate - plate of chocolate, chocolate cereal, more cereal!