Winter Quarter 2012

Chemistry 124 is a general chemistry course designed for students in engineering. This is a fast-paced, rigorous course that requires a year of high school chemistry as a prerequisite. By the end of this quarter students should be able to master and apply fundamental concepts of thermochemistry, quantum theory & atomic structure, periodic properties, chemical bonding, solid state chemistry and materials, and basic organic chemistry. The chemical elements, born in the stars, are the fundamental building blocks of the world around us. This course's intent is to show how chemistry is integral to solving problems that require an understanding of the materials with which engineers are working.


CichowskisinCanadaMy wife, Ann, and I enjoy traveling. The picture at the right was taken in Quebec in front of the Chateau Frontenac.

Light HouseThat's Pt. Robinson Light House on Vashon Island, WA with Mt. Rainier in the distance. The Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest are special to us.