Favorite Movies

Drama: Reds, Network, Mullholland Dr
Comedy: National Lampoon's Vacation, Groundhog Day
Horror: Evil Dead II, Re-Animator, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Z-Grade: Basket Case
Documentary: Roger and Me, Bowling for Columbine
Indie: Run Lola Run, Pi, Donnie Darko
Zombie: 28 Days Later
Martial Arts: Enter the Dragon
Guilty Pleasure: PeeWee's Big Adventure
Weird /Brilliant Movie that you can still catch on TBS: Bad Ronald
Director: David Cronenberg

Favorite Television

Theme Song: The Munsters
All-Time: The Simpsons
Drama: Lost, 24
Comedy: Mr. Show, Arrested Development
Game Show: Jeopardy!
Standup Comedian: David Cross
Talk Show: Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Fake News Show: The Daily Show
Real News Show: Countdown with Keith Olberman
Vampire Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Show that I can't believe I watch: Desperate Housewives
Proof that Society is about to collapse: Last Call with Carson Daly
Persona adopted by Satan for broadcast television: Oprah Winfrey
Schoolhouse Rock Episode: Interjections!
SNL Fake Commercial: Oops I Crapped My Pants
Cartoon Character: Superchicken
Chris Elliot Running Character: The Panicky Guy
Seinfeld Minor Character: David Puddy
The Simpsons Minor Character: Wendell


City (American): Las Vegas, New York
City (World): Moscow, Kyiv
Philosopher: Black Elk
Novelist: Albert Camus
Short Story: Edgar Allan Poe
Artist: Georges Seurat, Roy Lichtenstein
Computer Language: Python
MusicWebsites: All Music, Pitchfork
Political Websites: Daily Kos, Buzzflash
Other Websites: Fark, MetaFilter
Ethnic Food: Indian
Equation: S = k ln W
Politician: Ralph Nader
College team: Wolverines, Jayhawks
Superhero: Silver Surfer
Color: Yellow
Vegetable: Spinach, Corn
Fruit: Blackberry, Pomegranate
Comic Strip: This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow
Discussion Topic: Chopping down the consumeristic stranglehold of America, destabilizing arbitrariness

Favorite Music

60s: The Kinks , The Velvet Underground , The Zombies
70s: Mott the Hoople, Television, Big Star
80s: Thin White Rope , Camper Van Beethoven, Dinosaur Jr
90s: Pavement , Uncle Tupelo, The Flaming Lips
00s: Modest Mouse, Califone, The Flaming Lips
Guilty Pleasure: Blue Oyster Cult
Musical Subgenre: country punk, indie
Guitar Chord: Am, D7

Other Artists That Rock and/or Roll My World
Nirvana, Sparklehorse, Husker Du, Sonic Youth, They Might Be Giants, Negativland, Grandaddy, Son Volt, Eleventh Dream Day, Built to Spill, Varnaline, Neutral Milk Hotel, Kraftwerk, Enon, Songs: Ohia, Centro-Matic, Broken Social Scene, The Shins, Dismemberment Plan, Bright Eyes, And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Beulah, The Arcade Fire, The Secret Machines, The Unicorns, Need New Body, Cursive, The New Pornographers, Wolf Parade, The Hold Steady

More obscure artists that only I seem to like
Spirit, Green on Red, Guadalcanal Diary, Love, Blood on the Saddle, Dumptruck

Songs that I wish I had written (see also this list) (input the names directly into your favorite file-sharing program and go from there!!)
Green Eyes by Husker Du, Holland 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel, All Along the Watchtower by Bob Dylan, Baby's on Fire by Brian Eno, Matte Kudasai by King Crimson, Dead Grammas on a Train by Thin White Rope, Paper Thin Walls by Modest Mouse, Pocahontas by Neil Young, Marquee Moon by Television, Schizophrenia by Sonic Youth, Race for the Prize by the Flaming Lips, Postcard by Uncle Tupelo, The Calendar Hung Itself by Bright Eyes, The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This by Love, Kerosene by Big Black, Trigger Cut by Pavement, Just Be Simple by Songs:Ohia, That's When I Reach For My Revolver by Mission of Burma, Who's Got the Crack? by The Moldy Peaches, Chain Chain Chain by Red Red Meat, The Happiest Place on Earth by Desapericidos, The Orchids by Califone, Going Nowhere by Dumptruck, My Dog is an Astronaut by Pond, The Flowers of Guatemala by REM