I currently hold the position of Professor in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Cal Poly in beautiful supersleepy San Luis Obispo. I received my PhD in Chemical Physics from the University of Michigan, located in the lively city of Ann Arbor, where I worked on particle interactions in restricted geometries and self-organization. While there, I was also heavily involved with the Inter-Cooperative Council, a multimillion dollar housing organization owned and operated entirely by students, a “radical” concept that ought to spread through the nation. Before that, I received my two BS degrees [Chemistry, Physics] from the University of Kansas suggesting that the number of degrees that someone holds may not be correlated to anything but the capacity for pain.

Currently, my interests lie in mathematical biology, biophysics and statistical physics, so obviously I am in the right department (because chemistry is the average of biology and physics!) Specifically, my research interests focus on a wide range of complex systems and nonlinear phenomena: spontaneous pattern formation, diffusion-limited chemical oscillations, oscillons and chemical chaos. I am proud to be a faculty member at Cal Poly, which has a renowned national reputation for undergraduate teaching excellence, though sometimes it is a bit of a struggle to maintain the institutional focus on educating the next generation.

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